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Introducing Kaplive

A smart app to comment any TV program in the world and interact with it.

We developped a smart and innovative mobile app that let you comment any show, movie, serie episode or any other content broadcasted on any TV channel in the world. Interact real-time with the program and get exclusive content.

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Your TV Social Companion.


For each program broadcasting on your TV, you can set a note right in the app. You love the show, you don't like the music playing, let people know !


Kaplive lets you create groups to filter your friends, POP*, family ... and choose to view content for one group or more.


We know how important it is to get news from your favorite celebrities. Then, we created the POP* status. Receive notifications as one of your favorite POP* is live on TV and let us tell you when they are live in the room.



Each TV channel is represented on the home screen. If you tap on one of them, you will be redirected to its unique room where its all about. Programs titles and time-progression informations are updating live.


The system is based on an inventive and smart model. We wanted to compile all the functions you needed to re-discover your favorite television programs.

Share Functions

Let your friends access your comments and activites through automatic Twitter and Facebook posts.

More than


Up to 197 Countries


Innovative experience. Smart functions.

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Explore. Break the barriers.

There's no more limit for you. Discover the world with Explore : all the main events of the planet will also take place on Kaplive. As they are often broadcasted on several channels in many countries, we needed to bring the Kaplive concept to it : let everyone talk about the program in one and only room. It's now done.

Set the filters and sort the programs by country, starting time, audience, name ...

SoundSync. Don't be hurry anymore.

It's time, you just received a notification : your favorite movie is starting. Well, don't panic. Grab your phone, tap on the Kaplive home screen microphone icon and ensure the device is close enough to the TV so it can hear its sound. Let the magic happen ! The device will recognize the channel and open its room just for you.

SoundSync is able to recognize any kind of program on any channel, anywhere in the world.

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SmartLive. About an infinity of possibilites ...

Easy, integrated, fun. SmartLive lets you interact with the program right into the room. With the SmartLive posts, you can play back a song you just heard in "The Voice", vote for your favorite "Dance with the Stars" contestant, discover an exclusive trailer, get more informations about a shopping channel product, answer to quizz, ... and much more.

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... in a single tap.

Smartlive is the most innovative part of the Kaplive experience. It needed to perfectly integrated for a better user experience. SmartLive is visible as live posts in any program live room.

Every user can select his own preferences just by taping the SmartLive button on the top right corner of every room screen.

1. Disable comments, only display SmartLive posts.
2. Disable SmartLive posts, only display comments.
3. Display SmartLive and comments.

And even more.


Are you tired of missing the beginning ? Set a program as a favorite and Kaplive will automaticaly reminds you when it begins. Don't miss it ! You can set as much favorites as you want and manage alerts in the settings.

Sports Scores

You don't need to be watching matches to know their scores. Just set a "sport" categorized program as a favorite and be noticed of everything about the match (scores, news, events ...).


Time Circle

We created a simple way for you to easily know the progress of any TV program. Take a look at the channel logo, the white circle around it will move simultaneously as the program goes in time.


Access the main informations of any TV program just by swaping the channel line to the right. You will be able to know when the program starts and ends, the complete title or set the program as a favorite. Sport programs has a special shortcut that let you see the pending score.


Tell your friends

Don't miss the possibility to talk with Groups about your favorites series episodes, movies or anything else broadcasting on TV. If you don't want to share your thoughts, just open a private chat with any of your friends.

SmartLive content

Let your friends know how smart and funny it can be to use the SmartLive functions. When in a channel room, just swap right any SmartLive content and share and let them join you.


Share your minds

Choose to share your activity and link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to Kaplive. Set your filters and your comments, SmartLive interactions and votes will be shared to your friends, live. No personal data will be shared or sold.


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